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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Controversies in Periodontics! A very very rare Seminar ! 3rd Year anniversary powerpoint from Perio Craze!

Have u ever wondered that :

1. Is periomedicine causal or casual?
2. Does really virus and bacteria interact in periodontitis?
3.Do we really have to bother about the width of the attached gingiva?
4. Is periodontal dressing a boon or bane?
5. What is the actual role of trauma from occlusion?
6.Is animal model an ideal model for periodontal research?
7. Does genetics have a major say in periodontitis?
8. Do we have to rely on root conditioning?

If you ever have asked such a question to yourself. Heres the answer!
Download this wonderful powerpoint and dont forget to say a THANKS!

Download link in Comments!

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